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Consistent performance in up and down markets to capture gains in bull markets and avoid losses in bear markets.

The Hulbert Financial Digest (newsletter industry watchdog) rates No-Load Mutual Fund Selections & Timing Newsletter #1 for risk-adjusted performance out of all letters he tracks over the last 20 years through 6/30/13.

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For fund letters on a risk-adjusted basis, we are ranked number one for 20 years, 15 years, 10 years, and 5 years through 6/30/13.  Consistency, can it get any better than that?  Want the top funds?  Try the top-ranked Newsletter.

With individual value-oriented stock picking, Marketocracy rated us #10 for 2004 and #59 in 2006 out of roughly 65,000 portfolios.  (We no longer participate in their ranking service).  See our Stock Selections & Timing letter.

When you do it for this long and this successfully, it is evolution.  We strive to eliminate the risk and invest with the best consistently.

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